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18 Asset Management Inc.

18 Asset Management Inc. : At 18 AM, we are focused on security selection, portfolio management, risk management and customer service.

Action valeur ajoutée inc.

Action valeur ajoutée inc. : Action valeur ajoutée (AVA) is an independent portfolio management firm specializing in Canadian equities and has expertise that is based on sound fundamental analysis and understanding of global issues.

AGinvest Properties Canada Inc.

AGinvest Properties Canada Inc. : INVESTING FOR GROWTH IN ONTARIO FARMLANDS AGinvest acquires and manages Ontario farmland and is also a provider of financing for farmers in the region. We invest only in high quality farm properties, primarily in Southwestern Ontario, where we find the best combination of soil and water quality, crop variety and productivity, and access to markets.

Alizé Capital

Alizé Capital : Alizé Capital est une firme de gestion de portefeuilles spécialisée en stratégies quantitatives, en actions et en options.

Alllard, Allard & Associés

Alllard, Allard & Associés : emerging as a strong up-and-coming investment management firm in Quebec.

Altema Asset Management Inc.

Altema Asset Management Inc. : Altema is an emerging asset manager focused on managing alternative investment strategies and making sophisticated asset allocation strategies accessible to individual investors and to select investment advisors. At Altema, we believe that optimal portfolios combine two basic building blocks: Passive Core exposure to asset classes & Pure Active Investment Strategies


Altervest : Fondé en 2010, Altervest exerce son expertise dans les stratégies de placements alternatifs. L'objectif est d'offrir des produits de haute qualité axés sur la préservation du capital tout en maintenant des rendements attrayants. Basée à Montréal, notre firme de gestion de placements espère contribuer au développement du talent des gestionnaires d'ici.

Amplify Capital

Amplify Capital : Amplify Capital is the evolution of the MaRS Catalyst Fund, investing in mission-driven, double-bottom-line disruptors in health, education and clean tech.


Auspice : Founded in 2006 in Calgary, Auspice specializes in systematic commodity alpha, crisis alpha, and diversifying quantitative strategies. In 2020 Auspice and Walter Global Asset Management (WGAM) formed a strategic partnership.

Barrage Capital Inc.

Barrage Capital Inc. : Barrage Capital was founded in 2013 by four partners with a shared passion for value investing, an approach first taught at Columbia University in New York in the late 1920s.

Bastion Asset Management Inc

Bastion Asset Management Inc : Founded in 2021, Bastion Asset Management (‘BAM’) is a Montreal-based asset manager specializing in alternative strategies.

BeeQuest Asset Management Inc.

BeeQuest Asset Management Inc. : BeeQuest is an investment management firm that offers sustainable, customized and optimized investment strategies to its clients based on each one’s unique values and financial needs.



Bouthillier Capital (B-CAP)

Bouthillier Capital (B-CAP) : Bouthillier Capital (B-CAP) aims to earn competitive return for investors, primarily by fostering innovative absolute-return investment strategies, balancing between asset protection and capital enhancement.

Brightspark Ventures

Brightspark Ventures : Brightspark is a 20-year Canadian VC that has returned significant returns for investors, outpacing top quartile comparables. We have operated institutional funds and SPV investments that have delivered a combined 14-year Net IRR of 27. We have invested in some of the most successful Canadian tech companies and won the CVCA “Deal of the Year” twice. Offices in Montreal and Toronto.

Bristol Gate Capital Partners

Bristol Gate Capital Partners : Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Founded in 2006 Management owned Partners’ capital invested alongside clients Registrations: ● In US: Registered Investment Advisor with Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) ● In Canada: Principal regulator is the Ontario Securities Commission (as PM, IFM and EMD) Strategy

BT Global Growth Fund

BT Global Growth Fund : The firm is long biased but spends most of its time looking for short/hedging opportunities.

CanFirst Capital Management Management

CanFirst Capital Management Management : CanFirst Capital Management is a specialized commercial Real Estate Private Equity company with a proven, consistent and disciplined investing record.

Chapados, Couture, Capital

Chapados, Couture, Capital : C3 is a quantitative manager of traditional and alternative equity-based or option-based investment strategies.

Clear Skies Investment Management Inc.

Clear Skies Investment Management Inc. : Clear Skies is an impact investment firm that enables institutional, accredited, and sophisticated investors to access globally diversified multi-asset strategies built to maximize risk-adjusted returns while generating positive impact.

Converium Capital

Converium Capital : Converium Capital is a multi-strategy opportunistic investment firm that aims to deliver positive and uncorrelated returns regardless of macroeconomic conditions by investing in distressed and event-driven opportunities globally and across the capital structure.

Cortland Credit Group Inc. : An IFM and PM, specializing in direct financing of short term senior private debt.

Cote 100

Cote 100 : offers objective, individualized portfolio management services.

Crystalline Management Inc.

Crystalline Management Inc. : Crystalline is a Montreal based privately held asset management firm.

Durham Asset Management Inc

Durham Asset Management Inc : Asset management firm which provides niche investment services that are focused on the Fixed Income sector.


Evovest : Evovest was founded on the premise to reinvent portfolio management through science.

Formula Growth Ltd.

Formula Growth Ltd. : Please visit our "Firm" page on our website: https://www.

Fulcra Asset Management

Fulcra Asset Management : Fulcra Asset Management was created by Matt Shandro in June, 2009.

Galliant Advisors LP : Galliant Advisors LP is a Montreal-based investment management firm offering investment solutions for a growing client base of high-net worth individuals and institutions.

Gestion Plant-E Management

Gestion Plant-E Management : Plant-E Corp is the sole shareholder of Gestion Plant-E Management who is the General Partner of the WATT Transactional Fund. The WATT fund trades in the wholesale North American power markets. It offers absolute returns, a natural decorrelation with traditional financial markets, a high level of liquidity and limited leverage.

Global Alpha Capital

Global Alpha Capital : focused exclusively on global and international small cap portfolio management.

Goldenwise Capital Management Inc.

Goldenwise Capital Management Inc. : Goldenwise Capital Management Inc. Goldenwise is registered in Canada with the OSC as a Portfolio Manager and Commodity Trading Manager, in US with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as a CTA, and is a member of the NFA.

GreensKeeper Asset Management Inc.

GreensKeeper Asset Management Inc. : We are value managers and invest in equities in shareholder-friendly jurisdictions (primarily North America and western Europe). (the “Value Fund”), a conviction portfolio of our best ideas.

Harris, Bolduc & Associés Inc.

Harris, Bolduc & Associés Inc. : Harris, Bolduc & Associates is an independent portfolio and wealth management firm.

Highwood Value Partners

Highwood Value Partners : Highwood Value Partners is a fundamental value investor with an opportunistic, concentrated and long-term approach, focused on European equities.

Idema Investments

Idema Investments : Offers personalized, low cost and globally diversified ETF portfolios for long-term investors.

Inovestor Asset Management

Inovestor Asset Management : Inovestor Asset Management (IAM) provides discretionary investment management insights and solutions for investment advisors, individual and institutional investors.

Kilgour Williams Capital

Kilgour Williams Capital : Founded in 2007, Kilgour Williams Capital is an asset management boutique with an explicit focus on private credit.

Lester Asset Management

Lester Asset Management : Lester Asset Management is an independent discretionary portfolio management firm serving private clients, foundations and institutional investors.

LionGuard Capital Management Inc.

LionGuard Capital Management Inc. : Focused on capital preservation, limiting assets under management and being first and foremost a research organization.

Lorne Steinberg Wealth Management Inc.

Lorne Steinberg Wealth Management Inc. : Lorne Steinberg Wealth Management is an independent investment firm that provides discretionary management services for private clients and institutional investors. Our approach to investing is securely founded on a deep value-based philosophy – we are stubbornly focused on only buying quality businesses whose prices are compellingly cheap.

Maccabi Capital Management LLC

Maccabi Capital Management LLC : Maccabi prides itself on its ability to combine rigorous research and risk management processes which allow our clients to generate superior returns.

Morex Capital

Morex Capital : Morex Capital is a trusted non-bank lender in Ontario providing alternative mortgage solutions for borrowers while offering investors an opportunity to earn a superior, stable return while we preserve capital through a portfolio of mortgages secured by residential real estate.

Mount Murray Investment Inc.

Mount Murray Investment Inc. : Mount Murray Investment is a new investment management firm based in Canada.

Nordis Capital

Nordis Capital : Nordis Capital is a provider of innovative impact investing investment solutions with a global focus.

Nymbus Capital

Nymbus Capital : Nymbus is a Montreal-based investment manager specializing in fixed-income and alternative investments that uses quantitative and systematic methodology to manage the assets of institutional and private clients.

PaceZero Capital Partners Ltd.

PaceZero Capital Partners Ltd. : PaceZero is a sustainability-focused private debt firm executing credit investments in established, high-growth companies. We provide investors with consistent quarterly cash distributions and the potential for capital appreciation through senior secured investments in sustainability-aligned businesses. Risk management and capital preservation are top of mind.

Palos Wealth Management Inc.

Palos Wealth Management Inc. : Palos provides discretionary wealth management to individuals and institutions.

Pender Ventures

Pender Ventures : Pender Ventures is the private technology company investing arm of PenderFund Capital Management, a diversified asset manager with over $2B in AUM.

Power Sustainable

Power Sustainable : Power Sustainable is a pure-play sustainable investment manager, investing in firms and projects that will contribute to decarbonization, social progress and quality growth.

Rivemont Investments : Founded in 2010, Rivemont is a portfolio management firm offering innovative investment strategies to investors seeking to achieve satisfactory returns along with an effective management of market volatility. - The Rivemont Crypto Fund - The Rivemont MicroCap Fund, and - The Rivemont Absolute Return Fund

ST&T Capital Management Ltd.

ST&T Capital Management Ltd. : ST&T Capital is a Toronto-based Alternative Asset Management firm, specializing in Hedge Fund Absolute Return strategy and commercial real estate investments in North America.

Tactex Asset Management, a division of Mogo Asset Management Inc.

Tactex Asset Management, a division of Mogo Asset Management Inc. : Backed by Mogo (TSX: MOGO, NASDAQ: MOGO), one of Canada’s preeminent financial technology companies, our mission is to help Canadian advisors focus on what they do best – manage investments and client relationships. We provide the regulatory, technological, and operational infrastructure needed for an advisor to thriving financially.

Tonus Capital

Tonus Capital : Tonus Capital is an investment management firm that focusses on North-American equities.

Unity Capital Corporation : Traditional long/short hedge fund recently registered as PM in Nova Scotia, Alberta and British Columbia.

Viewpoint Investment Partners

Viewpoint Investment Partners : Viewpoint Investment Partners is a boutique investment management firm offering systematic strategies to private and institutional investors.

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