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Action valeur ajoutée inc.

Action valeur ajoutée (AVA) is an independent portfolio management firm specializing in Canadian equities and has expertise that is based on sound fundamental analysis and understanding of global issues.




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Value style with sector rotation

- Fundamental analysis & valuation of all TSX index securities identify pool of 40 to 60 value stocks
- Stock selection for portfolio reflects chosen sector weights & outlook
- Sector weights & outlook revised periodically with ongoing analysis of major global economies

Higher return than reference index with lower risk stats


- Risk assessment and management through joint analysis of securities, asset allocation model & outlook
- Investment decisions based on financial & economic analysis carried out internally
- Portfolio of 20 to 35 stocks, individual management with multiple accounts


- Low portfolio turnover 14%, active share 16%, top 10 holdings 51% of portfolio
- Fully invested cash 0.6%, dividend 3.2%, P/E 13, P/B 1.6, P/S 2.5, P/CF 9.1, ROE 14%, avg market cap C$ 32 billion
- Contribution to performance: 30% value style, 40% sector selection & 30% stock picking


Dr Pierre-Alain Sauvé, president and portfolio manager
Marie Cloutier, B.Sc.A., vice-president and associate portfolio manager

Dr Pierre-Alain Sauvé

President and Portfolio Manager

Contact information

Dr Pierre-Alain Sauvé
[email protected]
224 avenue Metcalfe
Westmount (QC) H3Z 2H9

Telephone: 514 934 0445

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