The Emerging Managers’ Board (EMB) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and contribute to the growth of Canadian emerging managers. It strives to educate asset allocators and investors about the benefits of investing with local talent.

EMB Mandates


Promote Local Managers

Encourage family offices and institutions to invest an additional 1.5B$ with local emerging managers.



Provide information and resources to the investment community, media and general public with regards to the Canadian asset management industry.



Develop significant infrastructure to help emerging managers grow their businesses to an institutional level.



Make Canada a hub for entrepreneurship development in asset management.

Our Board of Directors

Geneviève Blouin


Ken Koby


Philippe Hynes



Lucy Chher


Charles Lemay

Special Projects

François Dufour

Secretary and Governance

Gabriel Cefaloni

VP Ontario

Kathleen Biggs

Communications and Media

Marc Rivet

EMB’s Advisory Boards


The mission of the infrastructure board is to help our members access institutional and international investments, by contributing to the development of infrastructure which allows emerging managers to launch products with increased ease and lower costs.


The mission of the Education is to increase awareness among asset allocators as to the talent and investment opportunities available among local managers. It also serves as a source of information for members to stay up to date on the latest trends and issues in the asset management industry.


The mission of the mentoring is to assist the other advisory boards in reaching their mandates by connecting them with high profile contacts relative to their respective areas. He is also responsible for increasing the profile of the EMB among the government.


The committee is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with media organizations as well as handling all press correspondence to ensure that the EMB’s key objectives are effectively conveyed.


The mission of the Marketing is to ensure the viability of the association by securing relevant corporate sponsors as well as to increase the profile of the EMB through the development and promotion of events.


This committee is responsible for establishing relationships with other organizations, both private and governmental, that are positioned to help the EMB achieve its objectives. It facilitates the development of common events and venues with other members of the financial sector.

Canada has an incredible pool of talented emerging managers given its relatively small level of Assets Under Management (AUM). Its financial sector is recognized as one of the most stable in the world. The cultural bias towards conservative investments is reflected in the investment approach of its managers and their risk adjusted returns.

Canada’s two main financial centers, Montreal and Toronto, have the most CFAs per capita in the world!

This high concentration of CFA charter holders has influenced its financial industry to answer to the highest standards of ethics in the asset management field.

The EMB’s objective is to promote its local talent to Canadian and international clients. Canada has yet to develop an emerging managers program. Our non-profit organization tries to facilitate asset allocation towards our members. Finally, the EMB contributes to the improvement of the Canadian financial sector and its sustainability by maintaining and attracting talented managers.

We invite you to watch the Director Geneviève Blouin introduce the organization and discuss the EMB’s mission and purpose.

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