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TOP 10 - Alternative Investments

Rankings as of July 31, 2023
Rank Firm Category Returns 2023 to date
1 Rivemont Investments Inc. Alternative Other 31.73%
2 ST&T Capital Management Ltd. Alternative Equity Focused 12.37%
3 B-CAP Alternative Multi-Strategy 5.45%
4 Globevest Capital Ltd. Miscellaneous - Income and Real Property 4.12%
5 Kilgour Williams Capital Alternative Private Debt 0.98%
6 Altervest Ltd. Alternative Equity Focused -0.94%
7 Crystalline Management Inc Alternative Multi-Strategy -2.16%
8 Crystalline Management Inc Alternative Multi-Strategy -4.38%
9 Altema Asset Management Inc. Alternative Market Neutral -8.26%
10 Nordis Capital Alternative Equity Focused -10.27%

TOP 10 - Traditional Management Stocks

Rankings as of July 31, 2023
Rank Firm Category Returns 2023 to date
1 Pratte Portfolio Management Inc. North American Equity 36.33%
2 Action valeur ajoutee inc. U.S. Equity 26.31%
3 Tonus Capital Inc. North American Equity 21.62%
4 Tonus Capital Inc. U.S. Small/Mid Cap Equity 18.10%
5 Tonus Capital Inc. U.S. Small/Mid Cap Equity 18.10%
6 Inovestor Asset Management (IAM) Canadian Equity 14.53%
7 Action valeur ajoutee inc. Canadian Equity 11.42%
8 GreensKeeper Asset Management Inc. Global Equity 7.47%

TOP 10 - Traditional Management Fixed Income

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