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Tonus Capital

Tonus Capital is an investment management firm that focusses on North-American equities. With its value approach, the investment team is conducting fundamental analysis to find undervalued public stocks with a long-term investment horizon. This firm has been in operation since 2007.




$ 70


Tonus Partners Fund

- Fundamental analysis
- Concentrated portfolio
- Low turnover
- Value investing

By conducting our own research and analysis, we establish an independent and often contrarian investment thesis. We use this differentiated viewpoint to purchase out of favor or misunderstood securities. By investing in quality companies, we can hold them for the long-term and seek to obtain investment returns above the market in general with better downside protection.


We conduct our own research, building our own models establishing our own investment thesis. We focus on companies with a good track record, a defensible moat, a good balance sheet, and a strong management team that creates value for shareholders.


We concentrate our portfolio in 20 or so holdings based in North America. We focus on a smaller number of securities to allow us to gain a solid understanding of the companies and identify their risks. Our value-based investment approach focusses on long-term value creation.


Philippe Hynes - Portfolio Manager
Aaron Warnongbri - Senior Analyst
Frederic Aube - Analyst
Sebastian cardarelli - Corporate Development

Philippe Hynes

Portfolio Manager

Contact information

Philippe Hynes
[email protected]
999 deMaisonneuve Ouest #799
Montreal (QC) H3A3L4

Telephone: 5148444443

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