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Viewpoint Investment Partners

Viewpoint Investment Partners is a boutique investment management firm offering systematic strategies to private and institutional investors. Viewpoint has created one of the top data science teams in Canada, and have used the firm's expertise to create a number of liquid alternative investment strategies including Canada's leading risk parity solution.




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Viewpoint Global Asset Allocation

The strategy employs a proprietary, quantitatively driven investment process that harnesses artificial intelligence and machine learning to systematically allocate capital on a global basis between broad asset classes. Cross-asset value, trend, macroeconomic conditions are the main systematic overlays that drive the portfolio construction process.

The objective of the Fund is long-term capital appreciation with lower volatility and correlation to global equity markets. The Fund invests globally in public equities, corporate credit, and sovereign government bonds. The goal of the Fund is to harness global equity risk premia, while defensively protecting against draw downs in times of financial stress by using systematic, rule-based overlays.

Viewpoint Global Risk Parity

It uses Viewpoint’s proprietary risk parity framework to construct a portfolio that is allocated based on risk as opposed to capital.This results in a more diversified portfolio as compared to other methods that is less correlated to equity markets.It then uses leverage to increase volatility to a comparable level to global stock markets. Asset allocation and leverage are both dynamically managed.

The objective of the strategy is long-term capital appreciation with higher returns and comparable volatility to global stock markets. The strategy invests globally in equities, credit, inflation-linked securities, commodities, currencies, and sovereign bonds. The target return of the strategy is 10-12% with volatility comparable to global stock markets over long periods of time.

Viewpoint Commodities

The firm’s recursive risk parity algorithms consider both volatility and changing correlation structures in determining commodity allocations. Additional algorithms include carry and maturity, which are employed to reduce futures roll costs and increase diversification. The risk allocation framework is applied at multiple levels of the portfolio.

The objective of the Fund is to provide liquid, efficient, and intelligent access to global commodity markets, which increases overall portfolio diversification and provides protection against inflation. The strategy employs a proprietary, quantitatively driven investment process in creating direct exposure to a diversified basket of global commodities.


Viewpoint occupies the intersection of data finance and timeless investment principles. We believe that advanced quantitative methods allow patterns to be identified that humans cannot easily see. These techniques combined with first-principles investment expertise gives us the ability to augment our understanding of markets to gain an informational edge.


Viewpoint aims to reduce all uncompensated risk factors from our portfolios by building diversified multi-asset portfolios. Our strategies are “Active Where it Counts” and make tactical decisions only where our rigorous research shows that we can find an informational edge. We use a systematic approach to codify investment decisions to mitigate behavioral biases.


Mac Van Wielingen - Chairman, Board of Directors
Rob Van Wielingen - President & CEO
Karen Macdonald - Director
Scott Smith - Chief Investment Officer
Keith Mclean - Executive Vice President
Amin Haji - Senior Vice President, Investment Research
Ben Reeves - Senior Vice President, Data Science & Engineering
DJ French - Senior Vice President

Keith McLean, CFA, MBA

Executive Vice-President

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Viewpoint Investment Partners
[email protected]
400 3rd Avenue S.W. Suite #4301
Calgary (AB) T2P 4H2

Telephone: 1 (844) 393-8465

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