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ehp FUNDS manages 3 rules-based, highly liquid, long/short funds. We utilize a systematic stock selection process and a methodology for adapting risk depending on underlying market conditions. Funds are designed with a primary focus on risk (drawdown and volatility tolerance).




$ 240


Long/Short Equity

systematic stock selection with a "gearing" process that adapts exposure depending on underlying market conditions. We apply a pragmatic approach to quantitative strategies.

Guardian Fund - 6-8% p.a w/ 5% volatility
Advantage Fund - 10-12% p.a w/ 10% volatility
Select - 15%+ p.a w/ 15% volatility

return targets are in the context of a market cycle.


Construct funds applying systematic strategies utilizing a common sense approach. Layer on uncorrelated & opportunistic strategies for additional return or risk reduction purposes. Lastly, we "gear up/gear down" our funds based on trend to adapt market exposures depending on underlying market conditions with goal of participating and bull markets and sitting out bear markets.


We consider ourselves, first and foremost, "risk" managers with our funds primary consideration being the protection of capital and minimization of volatility and drawdowns. We apply well proven systematic strategies in the construction of long/short portfolios. We provide investors with highly liquid, accessible, understandable funds.


Jason Mann - CIO, Portfolio Manager
Ian Fairbrother - PM
James Park - Chief Risk Officer
Darryl Demers - CFO & CCO

Ian Fairbrother

Portfolio Manager

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Ian Fairbrother
[email protected]
45 Hazelton Avenue, Suite B
Toronto (ON) M5R 2E3

Telephone: 416-360-0311

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