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Founded in 2010, Rivemont is a portfolio management firm offering innovative investment strategies to investors seeking to achieve satisfactory returns along with an effective management of market volatility. Rivemont is the investment advisor to the following three funds: - The Rivemont Crypto Fund - The Rivemont MicroCap Fund, and - The Rivemont Absolute Return Fund




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The Rivemont MicroCap Fund aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in the micro-cap market sector in Canada and the United States. The objective of the Fund is to identify the most promising companies early in their development cycle to maximize the potential for long-term returns. Securities are analyzed using a fundamental value approach.

The investment objective of the Rivemont MicroCap Fund is to outperform the S&P/TSX Small Cap Index.


Combining fundamental analysis with technical and trend analysis, the Rivemont Crypto Fund is actively managed to minimize investors' risk without sacrificing the return potential.

The Rivemont Crypto Fund is actively managed and aims to outperform the Barclay Cryptocurrency index.

Absolute Return

The Fund is a long/short type fund, whereby the investment managers seeks to buy (long positions) the stocks having an appreciation potential and sells short (short positions) the stocks showing a depreciation potential.

The Rivemont Absolute Return Fund is an alternative fund with the objective to provide investors with positive returns in all market conditions while maintaining a low level of correlation to traditional asset classes such as equities and bonds.


The Rivemont MicroCap Fund's strategy is based on the principles of value investing. Our goal is to discover promising companies that show strong growth, but to pay a bargain price for them. The approach is based on fundamental analysis and due diligence directly in the field. We seek to understand the companies better than anyone to accurately discern the real risks from the simple turbulence.


The Rivemont MicroCap strategy is based on three main pillars: 1) Investing in an inefficient market; 2) Knowing how to spot the best opportunities and; 3) Using strong fundamental investment criteria to guide decision-making.
Over the years, the analysts have built a large network that provides them with a constant stream of opportunities and allows them to discover the most promising companies.


- Martin Lalonde, President and Portfolio Manager.
- Jean Lamontagne, Vice President, Business Development and Client Servicing
- Louis Natier, Analyst, Investments and Administration
- Philippe Bergeron-Bélanger, Senior Consultant, Rivemont MicroCap Fund
- Mathieu Martin, Consultant, Rivemont MicroCap Fund
- Philippe Jetté, Senior Consultant, Rivemont Crypto Fund

Martin Lalonde, CFA


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Jean Lamontagne, CFA
[email protected]
465, rue Saint-Jean, suite 509
Montréal (QC) H2Y 2R6

Telephone: 4383873300

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