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Peakhill Capital

Peakhill Capital is a commercial real estate manager providing flexible financing to developers, investors, and REITs. Peakhill is a direct lender on behalf of its own balance sheet, investors and is a CMHC lender. Our collaborative approach to lending allows us to exceed the needs of our borrowers through speed, experience, ricing and provides strong risk-adjusted returns for our investors.




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Peakhill Income Opportunity LP

The Peakhill Income Opportunity LP (the “LP”) is a diversified portfolio of commercial property mortgages focused in the Greater Toronto Area and select markets across Canada. Our LPs objectives are to preserve unitholder equity and provide them with stable and secure monthly distributions. We are government approved CMHC lenders and the strategy invests mainly in bridge-to-CMHC opportunities.

The investment objective is to preserve investor capital while generating a target return of 8% net-of-fees, with distributions paid monthly. Since inception, target returns have been met with net-of-fees returns in excess of 8.50%.


Our philosophy is to protect investor capital and achieve attractive returns through a strong investment thesis and favorable structure. Our structure includes a $15MM first-loss provision, which means Peakhill will take any loss up to $15MM if any mortgage defaults were to occur in the portfolio.


Our approach is to provide short term financing on very conservative, already-built, income-producing properties, mostly multifamily apartments. These properties generally have a CMHC takeout in sight, which we are securing since we do this underwriting for the borrower. We then take these very conservative situations and use off-balance sheet to manufacture attractive returns.


Harley Gold, Managing Director
Jonah Belkin, Managing Director
Remy Caruso, Director of Credit and Operations
Cameron Smith, Controller
Chaim Karpel, Vice President, Institutional Sales
David Mucciardi, Vice President, Institutional Markets
Dana Capland, Marketing Manager
Team of underwriters and originators - 28 team members in total

Harley Gold

Managing Director

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Chaim Karpel
[email protected]
10 King Street East, Suite 401
Toronto (ON) M5C 1C3

Telephone: (647) 393-4874

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