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Cortland Credit Group Inc.

An IFM and PM, specializing in direct financing of short term senior private debt. With a track record back to Q3 2013, the firm has developed a highly reliable model for delivering floating returns targeting inflation plus 4%, with extensive industry diversification within North America.






Direct senior short term private debt

Revenue based lending with senior claims on highly diversified contractual top line cash flows of small to medium sized borrowers supported by credit enhancements sufficient to mitigate any material identifiable potential losses.

Inflation plus 4% net


Providing capital in the business to business supply chain of growing commercial operators.


Delivering an investment platform traditionally only available to large institutional portfolios that is available to retail, family office and small institutional investors.


Sean Rogister, CEO
Bruce Sherk, President
James Kelly, Managing Director/Principal
Paul Butler, CCO
Annette Jansen, Controller
Karen Jolly, Operations Manager
Alex Preobrazenski, Credit Analyst
Brandon Rogister, Investment Analyst
Sara Ducic, Administrator

Sean Rogister


Contact information

Sean Rogister
[email protected]
2115 S. Service Rd. W. Unit 1
Oakville (ON) L6L 5W2

Telephone: 4162749992

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