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Nymbus Capital

Nymbus is a Montreal-based investment manager specializing in fixed-income and alternative investments that uses quantitative and systematic methodology to manage the assets of institutional and private clients. We are an atypical portfolio manager. We believe that the scientific method is the best way to approach the investment.




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Quantitative Fixed Income

Summary of the investment approach:

• Take advantage of a quantitative and systematic approach.
• Use modern technologies such as machine learning and distributed computing.
• Offer portfolios that begin with risk analysis and not the traditionally taught comparisons to benchmarks.
• We do not try to anticipate changes in interest rates.

Our ultimate goal is to use modern technologies to build portfolios that offer significant excess returns once adjusted for risk. Our investors trust us with their assets. We make it our duty to discover value in the world of financial data to help them achieve their long-term goals.


Quantitative, systematic, top-down. A scientific and objective methodology to analyze markets is crucial so that portfolios can be built with the aim of outperforming in a range of future scenarios. The active and impartial management of multiple performance drivers through a quantitative engine provides superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term.


Nymbus is a Quebec-based platform for the advancement of modern investment management where big data, machine learning and computer science meet capital markets. We believe that the scientific method is the best way to approach investment. Ideas based on information and data. And improved by iteration.


Marc Rivet, Co-CEO & Chief Compliance Officer
Gabriel Cefaloni, Co-CEO & Chief Investment Officer
Pierre Morin, Director and Portfolio Manager, Alternative Fixed Income
Rodolphe Beaulieu, Director and Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income & Credit
François-Olivier Laplante, Director and Portfolio Manager, Alternative Investments

Marc Rivet - Gabriel Cefaloni


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Marc Rivet
[email protected]
1751 Richardson, Office 7115
Montreal (QC) H3K1G6

Telephone: 1-514-667-0050

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