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Investment Partners Fund

Investment Partners is an independent money manager based in Ottawa that aspires to generate efficient, risk-controlled, and non-correlated results. The management of Investment Partners are personally invested in the IP Fund, its sole product, and are focused exclusively on its success. In operation since October 2009, we have deployed our present strategy since 2018.




$ 16


Hedged Equity

Since 2018, our approach has been premised upon fundamentally-driven equity selection deployed in tandem with volatility-based risk management in the pursuit of compelling risk-adjusted returns

The Fund seeks to generate efficient, risk-controlled, and non-correlated results through its conservative approach to hedged equity.


The keys to successful long-term investing are the compounding of returns and diversification to control risk. In order to achieve these, an investor must target low volatility and smaller drawdowns, along with a low correlation between asset classes. The IP Fund's strategy is designed to provide a conservative solution to these critical attributes.


The bulk of the Fund’s capital is invested in a portfolio of publicly-listed equity securities deemed to offer attractive long-term value. Alongside the core equity portfolio, an active options-based strategy seeks to mitigate systematic risk by varying the intensity of the protection according to market conditions, and seeks to capitalize on periods of heightened volatility.


Philip Smith, Portfolio Manager and Chief Compliance Officer
James Maxwell, President
Leslie Wittenberg, Director of Operations
Chris Tester, Director of Business Development
Alexander Kealey, Analyst

Philip Smith

Portfolio Manager

Contact information

Alexander Kealey
[email protected]
503-359 Kent St
Ottawa (ON) K2P0R6

Telephone: 613-249-7126

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