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Durham Asset Management Inc

Asset management firm which provides niche investment services that are focused on the Fixed Income sector. DAMI is committed to helping investors grow and preserve their wealth through quality returns and low volatility by investing in alternative fixed income asset class.






Using our expertise to build portfolios with strong risk adjusted returns by investing in selective corporate credit. Minimising

Large number of fixed income securities are reviewed from domestic and international markets. The shortlist is created by applying hybrid approach of top down and bottom up. Macro environment is analyzed to further refine the shortlist. Lastly meeting with the management further strengthen our conviction for the security.

DAMI will invest in fixed income securities of North American governments, financial institutions and investment-grade corporations to generate target absolute positive returns net of expenses and fees with a particular focus on volatility management, quality returns, and capital preservation.


We believe that investing is a long-term approach. Fundamental analyses and security selection along with active management can add substantial value with reasonable growth over a period.


DAMI will achieve its objectives by investing in following strategies.
• Outright credit trading:
• Relative value credit Trading:
• Outright rate trading:
• Relative value rate trading:
• Duration neutral portfolio construction.


Rounak Langhe
Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager

Rounak Langhe

Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager

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Rounak Langhe
[email protected]
22 Shorten Place
Ajax (ON) L1T 0E0

Telephone: 9052392436

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