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Pender Ventures

Pender Ventures is the private technology company investing arm of PenderFund Capital Management, a diversified asset manager with over $2B in AUM. Pender Ventures, through the Pender platform, has the unique ability to bring to bear the power of all our expertise and network across the entire capital lifecycle of a business - from private to public, from equity to debt, from start-up to exit.






Venture Capital - Pender Technology Inflection Fund II

Pender Ventures applies a thesis-driven, series-agnostic approach to investing in companies creating user-centric, B2B and health-focused technology solutions. We invest at the inflection point of growth, where the quality of revenues indicates that there is a high probability of product-market fit.

Pender Ventures' second closed-end offering, Pender Technology Inflection Fund II LP, is targeting to make between 10 and 13 investments. These investments will be made primarily in Canadian health technology and B2B enterprise companies. Our focus and expertise are on investing in businesses that deliver a fundamental return on investment and make a tangible impact.


We invest in inflection-stage companies that have fully commercialized at least one product that is generating enough early revenues from customers and/or partners at high enough satisfaction levels to indicate a high probability of product-market fit. This strategy seeks to mitigate the technology risk, regulatory risk and early product risk that is typical in early-stage technology companies.


We apply a scale-up framework and diversity influence aimed at driving top-quartile returns and creating tangible impact.

We seek to be the most aligned and transparent partner to our LPs and companies.

We are an active manager and aim to serve on the board and respective committees of our portfolio companies.


Maria Pacella, Managing Partner
Isaac Souweine, Partner
Kenndal McArdle, Principal
Meryeme Lahmami, Principal
Tony Rautava, Associate
Lynn Frazer, Head of People Strategy

The team is also supported by 14 additional investment professionals and 20 support professionals across the PenderFund platform.

Maria Pacella, CFA

Managing Partner, Pender Ventures

Contact information

David Blyth
[email protected]
1830-1066 West Hastings St.
Vancouver (BC) V6E 3X2

Telephone: 4167958258

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