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Loyal VC operates a global startup index fund designed to minimize systemic bias inherent in the investment process, unlocking greater returns. Loyal's global collaborative, staged investment process is based on strategic relationships with the Founder Institute and the INSEAD Business School. Loyal's impressively diverse portfolio has delivered strong returns since its launch in 2018.






Alternative Venture Capital

Loyal uses a multi-staged investment approach leading with a small investment very early, reserving the bulk of their capital to fund the top performing portfolio companies, an ability to act quickly, knowing when a company is ready - often before the deal comes to the market. To date, Loyal has a 100% acceptance rate on follow-on offers to their best companies.

Loyal’s investment objective is to deliver steady 15-25% annual returns over a multi-year period (19% in 2019). The fund’s diversification dilutes the effects of any one winner and given the 100+ portfolio size it is expected to make cash distributions on an annual basis (1.4% in 2019), and ensure a steady stream of modest winners, which should put a floor on the return in the 10% area.


Loyal is the fund designed that the two partners would have wished for as entrepreneurs, angel investors and advisors. Loyal shares carry with advisors. LP terms and fees are ones that we would say 'yes' to as angels. Loyal’s investors can trade out of, or into, no capital calls, buy or sell at a market price set each quarter. We are loyal to founders by reinvesting as soon as they are ready.


Loyal believes that investing in stages starting very early builds trust and inside knowledge advantage. Loyal is designed to react rapidly to the world as is, and not as promised, invest on proven results and unbiased process-driven selection. It’s in the Fund’s DNA to build loyal ties not only with the entrepreneurs but with the LPs by ensuring success in the long term around an evergreen fund.


Loyal was founded by long-time business partners Kamal Hassan and Michael Kosic, both were angel investors, founders and mentors, who share a passion for a new way of venture investing. Loyal team is growing by including Venture Partners, External Controller, Operations and Investor Relations support. Loyal works with a network of over 400 Advisors globally to support the breadth of its portfolio.

Kamal Hassan

Founding Partner

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Kamal Hassan
[email protected]
103 Cottingham Street
Toronto (ON) M4V-1B9

Telephone: 4169395539

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