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Forstrong Global Asset Management Inc.

Forstrong Global Asset Management Inc. (Forstrong) was founded in 2001. Its manages discretionary portfolios exclusively comprised of ETFs, serving private clients as well as institutions.Forstrong has the longest known track record of any firm in the world, managing global, balanced ETF portfolios in separately managed accounts. Forstrong is owned 73% by Industrial Alliance,




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Forstrong currently offer more than 20 ETF portfolio mandates in Canada and the United States. These vary by the amount of inter

Forstrong employs a multi-disciplined approach in determining an optimal global asset mix defined by risk, reward and diversification/composition requirements. Forstrong methodically surveys a wide array of global economic and financial conditions in order to assess the attractiveness of the major asset classes — stocks, bonds and cash, and alternative assets.

Our Core mandates cater to a mix of client objectives and are designed to provide long-term growth within a framework of strong risk management and broad diversification. All Core portfolios include “traditional” allocations to all major asset classes, including; Canadian, U.S. and Global bonds & equities, as well as a broad selection of “opportunity” investments.




We adhere to the following 7 philosophical principles:
1. Investment policy driven by understanding, theory and causality.
2. Primary focus on risk.
3. Risk budgeting:
4. Broad diversification across multiple “asset types.
5. No “extreme positions.”
6. Cost minimization: Objective of low turn-over and transactions
7. Long-term core approach. Minimization of downside risk.


Forstrong’s investment staff have extensive experience managing global portfolios and are familiar with the tasks of multi-billion dollar portfolio operations. Bios for team members can be found at

Mark Arthur, CEO
Wilfred Hahn, Global Strategy Advisor, CCO
Ken Hawkins, Research Managers
David Kletz, PM and Senior Analyst
Tyler Mordy, President & C IO

Tyler Mordy

President and CIO

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Robert Duncan
[email protected]
26 Wellington St. East, Suite 920
Toronto (ON) M5E1S2

Telephone: 888-419-6715
Toll Free: 888-419-6715

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