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Converium Capital

Converium Capital is a multi-strategy opportunistic investment firm that aims to deliver positive and uncorrelated returns regardless of macroeconomic conditions by investing in distressed and event-driven opportunities globally and across the capital structure.




$296mm (CAD)


Multi Strategy, Distressed, Event-Driven, Across the Capital Structure

Our investments are the product of thematic and company-specific research. We combine quantitative and qualitative methods to help us screen for opportunities primarily based on dislocations and issuer-specific events. We seek to manage volatility with idiosyncratic and thematic shorts and hedges. We intend to employ engagement strategies as appropriate to proactively realize value.

The Firm aims to deliver positive and uncorrelated returns regardless of macroeconomic conditions.


We seek to be opportunistic by alternating between asset classes and geographies to find the best risk-reward. We aim to capitalize on short-term swings by trading around positions. We endeavor to avoid losses by selecting securities we believe have minimal downside, layering the portfolio with idiosyncratic and asymmetric shorts and hedges.


The strategy is relatively concentrated, targeting a limited number of core long positions and a range of shorts and hedges. The strategy generally aims to have low net exposure of 0% to 40%. We invest globally and expect geographic exposure to be broad, generally at least 50% outside of the United States.


Aaron Stern, Managing Partner, Chief Investment Officer
Michael Rapps, Managing Partner, Head of Engagement Strategies
Elliot Ruda, Partner, Head of Trading
Mathieu Fradette, Director
Nadir Cura, Director
Jason Crelinsten, COO, GC & CCO
Darren Martian, CFO
Jacqueline Allen, Head of Business Development & IR
Gwen Fu, Director of Fund Accounting and Operations
Andrea Barile, EA & Office Manager

Jacqueline Allen

Head of Business Development and IR

Contact information

Jacqueline Allen
[email protected]
1250 Boulevard René Lévesque Ouest
Montréal (QC) H3B 4W8

Telephone: (514) 418-0179

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