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Celernus Investment Partners Inc.

Celernus is an employee owned GTA based wealth management firm founded in 2011, servicing the needs of individuals, families, SMEs (small and medium size enterprises) and institutions. We offer discretionary managed account services which primarily invest in our proprietary funds. We specialize in the active management of private credit and real estate.






Celernus Mortgage and Income Trust Fund II

Our strategy is to provide a steady stream of interest income with a high degree of safety. By investing in short term mortgages with terms predominantly between six and twelve months and maintaining a loan to value ratio for the portfolio of less than seventy-five, this strategy offers a high degree of safety.

The fund’s investment objective is to invest all or substantially all of its net assets in the Celernus Mortgages LP. Celernus Mortgages LP holds a diversified portfolio of mortgages along with other fixed income investments, all with a goal of providing low volatility consistent returns.

Celernus Pivot Private Credit Fund

The Celernus Pivot Private Credit Fund is a secured commercial lending fund focused on financing the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. This strategy seeks to realize its investment objectives by constructing a diversified portfolio of private income generating debt securities.

The Fund’s objective (to be accomplished indirectly by investments held in Celernus Pivot LP) is to achieve consistent risk-adjusted returns with low volatility and low correlation to the returns of traditional equity and fixed income markets.

Celernus Absolute Growth Fund

The Celernus Absolute Growth Fund seeks to achieve high single-digit/low double-digit annual returns over a market cycle. It invests in various private, cash flow-generating fixed income securities that generate positive monthly returns. The fund also purchases, develops and monetizes private equity real estate assets.

The Celernus Absolute Growth Fund principally invests in a diversified portfolio of actively-managed, private equity real estate assets. The fund augments its exposure to equity real estate assets with investments in mortgage-backed securities, private credit assets and other alternative fixed income securities.


Celernus Investment Partners operates with two purposes:
1. To provide a superior level of service to the investment needs of high net worth individuals and their families, and
2. To manage and deliver investment vehicles with attractive returns and stable income that focus on the active management of private credit and real estate-oriented assets.


The Celernus funds help investors build better portfolios by emphasizing active, private, low volatility investment strategies.


Gordon Martin, President and Founder, Portfolio Manager
Chris Grant, Senior Partner, Portfolio Manager
Toby Gibson, Senior Partner, Investment Counsellor
Kurt Hagerman, Managing Partner
Jonathan Miller, Senior Partner, Business Development
Dan Brown, Chief Compliance Officer

Gordon Martin

President and Founder

Contact information

Kurt Hagerman, Managing Partner
[email protected]
1001 Champlain Avenue, Suite 302
Burlington (ON) L7L 5Z4

Telephone: 289 863 1344

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