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Durum Capital

Durum Capital Inc. (Durum) is an asset manager focused on investments that require unique skills to uncover true value. Durum offers expertise in financing, governance, and operational efficiencies, ultimately creating alternatives to bring transparency to opaque situations in private markets






Industrial Real Estate

Focus on industrial asset class with a mandate to acquire properties throughout Canada and the United States.

Currently growing the portfolio through Durum Industrial REIT, offering yield and capital growth to investors.

Land Development

Land located in strategic corridors that allow for strong future development potential and an active management strategy that continually adds value to the lands.

Bow Water & Land is an ongoing development project west of the City of Calgary with 1.6KM of highway frontage on the TransCanada Highway.

Opportunities Fund

Durum Opportunities Fund (DOF) focuses on investing in situations where financial and other forms of distress have diminished the solvency and liquidity of the business or obscured it’s marketability. The investment strategy continues to be focused on deploying capital prudently into a broad range of assets, including but not limited to restructuring and distressed investments.

The objective of DOF is to ultimately create value and recoveries for investors by repairing deficiencies in underperforming businesses.


Alignment: Our parent company, (SFHC) will remain a large investor in each project, while ensuring the right people are engaged to move the project forward.
Alternatives: Creating and evaluating alternatives is how we protect stakeholders and ensure valuable outcomes.
Action: We value original thought and decisive action – two things that cannot exist without a high degree of independence.


At Durum, we are driven by challenging questions and challenging scenarios. We do not look for “easy” investments; rather we focus on opaque markets where price discovery is poorly defined. This philosophy has provided the foundation for our core operating principles.


Jay Simmons, CEO
Lanae Willms, VP Finance
Amy Kraemer, VP Capital Markets
Judy Quan, Managing Director
Jeff Lindskog, Managing Director
Chaim Karpel, Eastern Business Development Director

Jay Simmons

President and CEO

Contact information

Amy Kraemer
[email protected]
1212 34th Ave
Calgary (AB) T2G1V7

Telephone: 403.541.5303

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