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BT Global Growth Fund

A Montreal based firm founded in 2006 by two financing business executives with over 20 years of Global investment experience. A highly cohesive team that understands how to manage money in the unique way of analyzing Global investment themes using cash flow/value style analysis while finding overlooked names at compelling entry prices. The firm is long biased but spends most of its time looking for short/hedging opportunities. The firm has a disciplined buy/sell process and liquidity guidelines that are strictly enforced. The company has the philosophy of not using leverage to achieve performance and have delivered strong returns since inception.




$130 million as of 31 March 2014


Non-levered, Long/Short, return focused

Domestic Fund

Offshore Fund (Parallel)


The Fund is a value-oriented, non-leveraged, long/short equity and commodity specialized investment fund, created to provide an investment vehicle for high-net-worth investors to augment their portfolio returns, through long-term capital appreciation. The philosophy behind the Fund is to provide investors with a global investment approach via the Canadian equity markets and hedge their portfolios against the negative effects of the unprecedented growth in money supply and subsequent devaluation of paper currencies globally.


Global Growth Themes – All Cap

Cash Flow – Value Investing

Long biased

Paul Beattie


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1001 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W. Suite 205

Montreal (Quebec) H3A 3C8


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