Geneviève Blouin

President – Co-directorof Marketing and Sponsorship advisory board.

Geneviève Blouin president and founder of Altervest Ltd., is in charge of tactical asset management for the firm. She manages option overlays and derivative related strategies.

In 2013 she created the Emerging Manager Board (EMB). Its mission is to enhance emerging managers’ visibility, educate the investment community about EM and facilitate capital introduction.

Mrs. Blouin has more than 15 years of experience with derivatives and a total of 18 years in asset management. At the beginning of her career, she launched her first firm where she traded derivatives directly on the Montreal Stock Exchange floor in the futures open outcry pit.

Prior to founding Altervest, Mrs. Blouin worked for some of the largest Quebec financial institutions including TAL and Caisse de Dépôt. She then moved to the sell side and acquired international experience at Pictet, a large private Swiss bank (377B$). She graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor in Business Administration. She is a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and CMT (Chartered Market Technician) charter holder.

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