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Tancook Investment Management

FOCUS - Tancook Investment Management focuses exclusively on small and mid-sized international equities. DIFFERENTIATED VALUE - Our experienced, motivated team runs a concentrated portfolio using a proven, repeatable investment process. Designed to outperform on a prudent, long-term basis, our process combines value investing principles and contemporary information management models.




$19 million


Long Only Small and Mid Cap International Equities (ex-US)

We consider ourselves value investors; however, we believe that conventional value criteria (e.g. as P/E, P/B) serve as incomplete metrics, particularly in the current era of intangible assets, rapid change and increased risk of industry disruption. We use modified ratios and proprietary forward-looking models to more holistically capture the value of a business.

Tancook is committed to maintaining a narrow focus on international small and mid-cap equity investing. This is where we can create the most value for our clients.

Tancook was founded with the purpose of combining extensive institutional equity management experience with a commitment to nimbleness and continuous improvement. We believe this combination will outperform the market for our clients.


Using a rigorous, objective approach, we seek for durable businesses whose prospects are misunderstood or underappreciated, resulting in mispricing. Designed to outperform the equity markets on a prudent, long-term basis, our process combines value investing principles and contemporary information management models. Methodical and patient, we look for the hidden gems that generate alpha over time.


Our unique information management frameworks and models ensure we analyze the most valuable information in the most objective, rational and consistent manner, reducing behavioural and decision-making biases. They help guide our efforts before, during and after an investment, promoting accountability to ourselves and our clients.


Peter Ellement, CFA - Prior to founding Tancook, Peter was responsible for $20+ billion of international institutional equity mandates at Sprucegrove Investment Management.

Rafael Tricta, CFA - Senior Investment Analyst
Extremely curious and determined, Rafael is an avid reader who thinks outside the box and looks for ways to apply learning from different disciplines to our research process.

Peter Ellement

President / Portfolio Manager

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Mark Wolff
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Telephone: (905) 510-4913

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