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Globevest Capital

Globevest Capital, a Montreal-based risk and portfolio management firm founded in 2002, built its approach around personalization of its clients' portfolios, strict control of risk and some of the industry's lowest management fees. The firm specializes in an innovative unlevered investment solution based on equity options. The strength of Globevest Capital’s strategy resides in capital protection against stock market corrections and stagnation. It aims at producing significant absolute returns in all market environments on a 2- to 3-year horizon. Globevest Capital is registered as a portfolio manager, investment fund manager and derivatives portfolio manager.




$770 million


Globevest Capital offers three funds:

The Balanced Fund

The Alternative Growth Fund

The Secured Put Writing Fund


Globevest Capital is a risk and portfolio management firm offering an innovative unlevered alternative investment strategy based on equity options.


Vincent Dostie, M.Sc., CA, CPA

Director, Business Development Associate Portfolio Manager

Contact information

430, rue Sainte-Hélène, bureau 201,

Montréal (Québec) H2Y 2K7

Tél: (514) 288-2244 poste 214

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