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Giverny Capital

Founded in 1998, Giverny Capital is a registered money management firm that offers private wealth management services.  Our investment philosophy is fundamental analysis with a long-term horizon.  The cornerstone of our approach is to have our clients and the portfolio manager in the "same boat". So we buy for our clients the same securities as in the personal portfolio of the president (the Rochon portfolio). Since 1993, the Rochon portfolio has outperformed by a wide margin its benchmark.




$460 millions


Fondamental analysis « buy and hold » with a very long term horizon in Canadian, American and foreign securities.


Our investment philosophy is based on the long-term ownership of outstanding businesses through common stocks purchased at attractive valuations.


Fundamental analysis

Long term horizon

« Value » approach

High quality securities

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118 rue St-Pierre

Montréal, Québec Canada, H2Y 2L7


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