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Cape Cove FX Portfolio Management is global macro FX focus.  Its program is a hybrid (systematic signals/ qualitative overlay) trend following product that operates a short-term quantitative investment strategy that engages strictly in the speculative trading of spot cash currencies, and short-term currency derivatives of selected OECD countries. The use of a superior trading technology with real-time margining continuously enforced and systematic posting of take-profit and stop-loss orders translate into a safe and effective risk management system.  The investment methodology does not rely on favorable conditions in any markets and is achieved by employing a combination of technical analysis, mathematical analysis and unique qualitative overlay.




<3M CAD on December 31


- Speculative transactions spot FX market

- Options

- Futures


Cape Cove investment philosophy is directed towards achieving superior capital appreciation through maximizing absolute and uncorrelated returns driven by investors’ capital preservation.


Long term trend following transactions

Clear identified momentum

Entry point taking into account overdone movements

Strict risk management

Robert Audet


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224 Avenue Maple

Saint-Lambert, QC J4P 2R9


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