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CanFirst Capital Management Management

CanFirst Capital Management is a specialized commercial Real Estate Private Equity company with a proven, consistent and disciplined investing record. The CanFirst IncomePlus Real Estate Fund invests in core and core-plus opportunities in the office, retail and industrial property sectors while leveraging CanFirst Capital Management’s expertise in adding value.




$ 400


CanFirst invests in core and core-plus opportunities in the office, retail and industrial property sectors with a focus on the e

1. To seek income and long term capital appreciation from high quality commercial real estate investments.
2. Invest in core-plus opportunities with the aim of improving the properties to core assets that could be held in the Fund for the long term.
3. Generate attractive and regular income for distribution to investors. Create an investment vehicle not correlated to the capital markets.

1. To generate a targeted distribution of 5-6% per annum net of fees with overall annual returns of 9-10% net of fees.
2. To generate attractive risk-adjusted returns by providing access to "best in class" properties in the core and core-plus commercial segment.


The Fund’s strategy is to acquire "A" and "B+" quality core and core-plus industrial, office and retail assets that will generate stable and consistent returns over a long term investment period. The Fund will focus on assets in high growth markets with a focus on preservation of capital. The Fund targets a net IRR of 9-10% and a quarterly distribution of 5-6%.


The Fund is targeting investors seeking consistent risk-adjusted returns through stable real estate investments in income-producing properties that have the ability to preserve and enhance value over a medium to long term investment horizon.


Allan Perez, Managing Director

Paul J. Braun, Managing Director

Raviv Israel, Partner

Mark R. Braun, Partner

Michael Porto, Corporate Development

Minh Nguyen, Analyst

Russell Raghavan, Accountant

Bao Nguyen, Analyst

Michael Porto, CFA, CAIA

Vice President, Corporate Development

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Michael Porto, CFA, CAIA
[email protected]
30 St. Clair Avenue West
Toronto (ON) M4V 3A1

Telephone: 12892597692

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