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Bristol Gate Capital Partners

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Founded in 2006 Management owned Partners’ capital invested alongside clients Registrations: ● In US: Registered Investment Advisor with Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) ● In Canada: Principal regulator is the Ontario Securities Commission (as PM, IFM and EMD) Strategy






Bristol Gate US Equity Strategy

• The investment process offers exposure to stocks with remarkable dividend growth
Bristol Gate’s proprietary approach examines capital allocation
• We find companies that are growing operating cash flow; not just this year – but ongoing
• We focus on companies with strong balance sheets – indicating resilience and capital discipline
Disciplined processes regarding selling, rebalancing and cash

Outperform the S&P 500 Total Return Index with lower downside risk
• Holdings are equally-weighted and rebalanced quarterly
• Sector exposure is constructed independently of index weightings
• Cash will be held if suitable candidates are not available


Strategy construction
• 22 equally-weighted stocks
• Better diversification through paired correlation analysis to reduce


A company growing its dividend is demonstrating management’s confidence in the
• A good first step in stock selection
But sustainable, high-quality dividend growth is rare
• So a deep dive is needed to assess the fundamentals


Richard Hamm - Co-Founder & CEO
Peter Simmie - Co-Founder & CIO
Michael Capombassis - President & CRO
Reyer Barel - Director of Research
Mike McNeil - COO & Chief Compliance Officer
Steve Gross - Managing Director & PM
Leyla Imanirad - Director of Portfolio Analytics
Jamie Ross - Data Scientist
Xiao LIang - Senior Portfolio Analyst
Achilleas Taxildaras - Investment Analyst

Michael Capombassis


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Michael Capombassis
[email protected]
45 St Clair Avenue West
Toronto (ON) m4v 1k9

Telephone: 416-921-7076

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