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Venator Capital Management Ltd

Based in Toronto, Venator has successfully managed capital on behalf of high net worth and institutional investors across three core mandates since 2006: i) Venator Founders Fund LP (North American long/short strategy / long bias) ii) Venator Income Fund (North American yield strategy) iii) Venator Select Fund (Concentrated, 'best ideas' strategy)




$214 mm


Venator Founders Fund - North American long/short strategy

Using a fundamental, bottom-up investment approach - Founders Fund utilizes proprietary screening tools to help initially identify potential investment opportunities. Businesses that warrant further evaluation are then put through an in-depth research and due diligence process. Over time, this approach has enabled us to find quality businesses that are undiscovered or unappreciated by market.

Venator Founders Fund strives to generate an annualized return of 12%-15% over time.

Venator Income Fund - North American 'Yield Plus' strategy

Using a fundamental, bottom-up investment approach - Income Fund utilizes proprietary screening tools to help identify short duration corporate bonds, convertible bonds, and dividend equities. 'Yield Plus' refers specifically to the goal of identifying opportunities that combine attractive yield, with the potential for additional returns, without taking unnecessary risk(s).

Venator Income Fund strives to generate a 5%-10% annualized return over time, with relatively low volatility, and an emphasis on capital preservation.

Venator Select Fund - concentrated, 'best ideas' strategy

Using a fundamental, bottom-up investment approach - Select Fund will invest into the most high conviction names held in the Venator Founders Fund strategy.

Please note that there are very few investment restrictions with this strategy. Given the concentrated nature of the portfolio, the Fund is only appropriate for an investor with a very high risk tolerance.

Venator Select Fund strives to generate an annualized return of 15%-20%, over time.


Capital preservation.

Isolate market-related risks (market correlation, economic sensitivity and valuation risk) to explicitly focus on company-specific risks separating the truly great opportunities from those that just “look good on paper.”

Alignment of interests whereby management invests alongside clients.

Great investment opportunities can make money in any market environment.


Fundamental bottom-up approach to identify companies that are undiscovered or unappreciated by the market; out of favour companies trading at low valuations that do not reflect 'hidden assets', intermediate business prospects, reversing business trends or changing managerial philosophies and catalysts not recognized by the market to provide additional returns without taking unnecessary risk(s).


Brandon Osten, CFA, Founder, CEO & Portfolio Manager
Earl Rotman, Chairman
Stephen Andersons, CFA, President & Portfolio Manager
Jeff Parks, CFA, Portfolio Manager
Alex Agostino, CFA, Portfolio Manager
Ryan Lloyd, Head Trader
Susan Naylor, CPA, CA, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Compliance Officer
Brian Viveiros, Director of Sales

Brandon Osten

Founder, CEO & Portfolio Manager

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Brian Viveiros
2 Bloor Street West, Suite 901
Toronto (ON) M4W 3E2

Telephone: 647.361.8549

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