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TAHO Capital Management, Inc.

We are technology and finance professionals obsessed with financial innovation. Our nimble engineering approach to investment system design and risk management applied across global markets ensures TAHO’s systems deliver sustainable, industry-leading, risk-adjusted returns. We are committed to maintaining our performance leadership and track record of achieving breakthrough innovation.




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Systematic, Quantitative, Global Macro

Rapid evaluation of investment opportunities accomplished through:

Systematic Investment- Objective investment decisions based on prudent, technology driven scientific analysis of market data.

Diversification - Tactical investments across asset classes, geographic regions and time horizons.nnIntentional Engineering - Perpetual evolution of systems to adapt to changing market conditions

TAHO serves investors by continuously developing robust strategies that deliver industry leading risk-adjusted returns independent of market conditions.


An intentional approach to system design and investment decisions free from emotional influence yields greater risk control and provides a long-term performance edge in inefficient markets.


Our competitive advantage derives from our approach to investment strategy construction. Intensely focused on the engineering of robust strategies to sustain alpha generation throughout market cycles, we execute rapid system development, meticulous quality control and deep system integration to achieve innovation rates and results superior to our resource rich competition.


Timothy Harris, CEO/CIO

Michael Huber, COO/CFO

Timothy Harris


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Michael Huber
[email protected]
161 Bay Street, Suite 2700
Toronto (ON) M5J 2S1

Telephone: 416-690-8246

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