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ST&T Capital Management Ltd.

ST&T Capital is a Toronto-based Alternative Asset Management firm, specializing in Hedge Fund Absolute Return strategy and commercial real estate investments in North America. We are a registered Investment Fund Manager, Portfolio Manager and Exempt Market Dealer, regulated by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) and Canadian Securities Regulators in British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec.






ST&T Quantitative Space-Time Absolute Return Strategy, hybrid passive value investing and active opportunistic trading

Target U.S. Large Cap Equities.

Select undervalued stocks within a certain timeframe and actively trade via our proprietary trading system.

Our mindset revolves around accumulating multiple small gains instead of chasing big returns.

Limit downside risks through targeting large cap value stocks with solid fundamentals and future growth potential.

Realize a minimum 15-30% annualized return (Net) over rolling four-year period.

Create smaller drawdowns and greater returns than the SPXTR to realize long-term capital appreciation.


Analyze the markets with both eastern and western mindsets.

Combine fundamental and technical analysis with our investment philosophy.

Focus on the holdings’ intrinsic value and consider the timing of market movements.

Weight more on the “Time” element than “Space” during our market and stocks analysis.

Utilize our Space-Time trading system to identify and realize trading opportunities.


Focus on US Large Cap equity with active trading

Select undervalued stocks (within a certain timeframe) as trading targets

Identify buy and sell signals using our proprietary quantitative Space-Time trading system

Generate alpha returns through the stocks' short-term price fluctuations


Aaron Zhouzt, Chairman

Ning Wang, CEO

Cherry Floccari, Operations Manager

Leo Hui, Investment Analyst

McKenzie Zhu, Investment Analyst

Ning Wang

Chief Executive Officer

Contact information

Cherry Floccari
[email protected]
90 Allstate Pkwy, Suite 602
Markham (ON) L3R 6H3

Telephone: 9052379569

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