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Ross Smith Asset Management ULC

Ross Smith is a Calgary based hedge fund with an objective to grow capital with a focus on low volatility, managing two multi-strategy hedge funds. The Capital investment Fund uses quantitative strategies and the Opportunities Fund focuses on event driven strategies. The firm has a nine year track record and has not posted a negative return annual period since inception.







The Investment Fund utilizes quantitative analysis, advanced financial modeling and trading technology to identify and execute arbitrage, and other hedged trading opportunities in the public markets.

The Capital Investment Fund is a quantitative, multi strategy hedge fund that is designed to provide consistent performance with low volatility and is non-correlated to traditional investments (market neutral).

Event Driven

The Opportunities Fund is an Event Driven and Special Situations focused fund. The Fund's investment team conduct rigorous security analysis and invest in companies undergoing corporate actions (mergers, tender offers, spin-offs, bankruptcies, recapitalizations and liquidations). The Fund makes short and medium term catalyst-driven investments across the capital structure.

The Opportunities Fund aims to generate attractive absolute returns with low volatility. Historically, the Opportunities Fund has had a 30% long bias.


Ross Smith Asset Management employs a multi-strategy, technology heavy, low volatility approach to both of the funds managed. The fund believes that research and testing of new strategies is key in continuing to deliver returns in a market that is always evolving.


Ross Smith Asset Management was founded in 2008 with a philosophy to grow capital through arbitrage investment strategies. The original idea was that markets are not always efficient and that technology could be used to identify when those inefficiencies emerged. Since that time the company has added numerous strategies and a second fund.


Allan Ross - Chairman
Christopher Preston - CEO
Joe Perry - President
Jai Hawker - Principal, Business Development
Julian Klymochko - CIO & Portfolio Manager
Adam Krauszer - CRO
Trent Hope - Director of Research
Paige Knight - Manager, Investor Relations
Marina Post - CFO
Ashley Peters - CCO
Max Wang - Investment Analyst
Brett Thiessen - Investment Analyst
Micheal Kesslering - Trader

Julian Klymochko

Chief Investment Office & Portfolio Manager

Contact information

Paige Knight
[email protected]
305 - 407, 8 Avenue SW
Calgary (AB) T2P 1E5

Telephone: 403-263-9104

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