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ReSolve Asset Management

ReSolve designs and deploys systematic investment strategies in futures markets enhanced by proprietary machine learning innovations to maximize results in live trading. The firm stands for systematic, adaptive portfolios prioritizing global diversification & downside protection aiming to achieve absolute returns. We serve investors through private funds, SMA's, a US Mutual Fund & a Canadian ETF.




$ 260,838,550


ReSolve Osprey Fund

The Fund can go long/short many global futures contracts, using a proprietary machine learning process to identify thousands of combinations of profitable trading signals. Each candidate sub-strategy is run through a rigorous battery of filters and validation steps to ensure that only the most robust strategies are selected, after accounting for possible overfitting, trading friction and costs.

To generate high risk-adjusted returns by deploying and executing an ensemble of systematic sub-strategies across liquid futures contracts.

ReSolve Global Risk Parity

The Strategy is constructed by holding a diverse universe of global asset classes so that the portfolio contains investments which can thrive in any economic environment. We ensure that each asset contributes the same amount of risk to the portfolio. As asset class correlation & volatilities change over time, the Strategy responds with subtle shifts to maintain maximum diversification.

To provide the most balanced global beta exposure available including global equities, bonds, gold and commodities to maximize the rebalancing premium.


As ships crossed ancient oceans, they relied on the stars to show them the way. With a clear heading and a good crew, these vessels forged new paths and opened up whole new worlds to discovery and enterprise. At ReSolve, we believe that with a strong team and clear principles and constant innovation we are equipped to navigate tomorrow’s oceans of opportunity.


ReSolve Asset Management Inc. manages portfolios using its proprietary quantitative and systematic global investment strategies strategies that range in approach from best beta to advanced machine learning. In addition, ReSolve provides original research through whitepapers, blogs and other published material, including a book, Adaptive Asset Allocation, published by Wiley in 2016.


ReSolve was founded by Adam Butler, Mike Philbrick, Rodrigo Gordillo in 2015. Collectively, the managing partners of ReSolve have over 40 years of investment management experience. The team has been working together in for over 10 years.

Rodrigo Gordillo

Managing Partner

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Rodrigo Gordillo
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401 Bay Street, 16th Floor
Toronto (ON) M5H 2Y4

Telephone: 416-572-5474
Toll Free: 1-855-446-4170

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