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ReSolve Asset Management

ReSolve Asset Management delivers Liquid Alternative Strategies through ETF Managed Portfolio Solutions focused on global asset allocation. The firm stands for systematic, rules-based adaptive portfolios prioritizing diversification & downside protection for strong, absolute returns through most market environments. We serve advisors, Institutions & individuals globally with fund & SMA offerings.




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ReSolve Global Adaptive Asset Allocation

ReSolve Global Adaptive Asset Allocation strategies (AAA) harness two of the most powerful smart beta factors, momentum and low beta, to regularly calibrate a diversified portfolio of global asset classes in response to material changes in world markets. AAA provides bespoke mandates with specific risk targets of 8%, 10%, 12% & 16% with controlled maximum losses.

ReSolve AAA is a long-only Liquid Alternative designed to provide absolute returns at different bespoke risk targets and extremely low correlation to traditional asset classes, hedge funds and other laternative strategies. AAA is suitable as an alternative sleeve for traditional portfolios.

ReSolve Global Risk Parity

ReSolve Global Risk Parity Strategy is constructed from a diverse universe of global asset classes so that the portfolio contains investments which thrive in any economic environment. The portfolio is formed by ensuring that each asset contributes the same amount of risk to the portfolio. As asset risk relationships change,it responds with subtle shifts to maintain maximum global diversification.

The ReSolve Global Risk Parity Strategy is designed to provide steady returns in most market environments. Traditional Risk Parity implementations assume markets are efficient at all times.To address erroneous view, the Strategy regularly applies a proprietary statistical process to determine the likelihood that an asset has negative prospects and exposure is then scaled back proportionally.

ReSolve Global Tactical Equity

The ReSolve Global Tactical Equity strategy seeks to consistently rotate only into the world’s strongest stock markets according to measures of trend and momentum with the opportunity for higher returns in the long-run, and lower expected maximum peak-to-trough losses than a passive global equity only portfolio.

This methodology targets investment mandates with high risk parameters and time horizons in excess of 10 years.. The ReSolve Global Tactical Equity Strategy provides active systematic exposure to global stock markets, with the opportunity for higher returns in the long-run, and significantly lower expected drawdowns.


ReSolve Asset Management Inc. manages portfolios using its proprietary quantitative and systematic global asset allocation strategies that range in approach from entirely passive to completely active. In addition, ReSolve provides original research through whitepapers,blogs and other published material, including a book, Adaptive Asset Allocation, published by Wiley in 2016.


ReSolve Asset Management offers quantitative, systematic global asset allocation strategies, primarily through its proprietary Adaptive Asset Allocation, Global Risk Parity and Global Tactical Equity strategies. These strategies can be accessed through a range of platforms, including separately managed accounts and exchange-traded funds. ReSolve also provides recognized though leadership research.


ReSolve was founded by Adam Butler, Mike Philbrick, Rodrigo Gordillo and Doug Hole in 2015. Collectively, the managing partners of ReSolve have over 40 years of investment management experience. The team has been working together in for over 8 years. The firm is 100% privately held by Adam Butler, Mike Philbrick, Rodrigo Gordillo and Doug Hole.

Rodrigo Gordillo

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Rodrigo Gordillo
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Telephone: 416-572-5474
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