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Q Capital Management Ltd

Pierre Villeneuve, founder of Q Capital and co-founder of Mapleridge, has reunited the essential Mapleridge team to create a leading quantitative alternative investment firm.






Multi Strategy Managed Futures

Grounded in behavioural finance, Q Capital's trend following program systematically identifies trends in global markets across multiple time frames. The trading methodology utilizes an advanced and proprietary technique in data representation that addresses one of the most profound challenges in quantitative finance.

The investment approach combined with strict application of risk management to diversify risk elements and reduce potential large drawdowns or extreme losses help Q Capital achieve its aim of generating a MAR ratio in the top quartile of the industry.


Q Capital is a technology and investment firm that actively manages money for institutional clients as well as high net worth individuals and families. We are experienced data scientists and technologists guided by the scientific method. Insights and inspiration lead to results through measured iteration.


Building on our rich history of unconventional and forward thinking, we leverage large amounts of data, computing power and investment experience to create innovative, sophisticated and robust quantitative investment strategies.


Pierre Villeneuve, CEO & CIO
Ben Brooks, Investor Relations and Business Development
Joel Laceda, Head of Trading
Jun Liang, Senior Software Engineer

Pierre Villeneuve


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Ben Brooks
[email protected]
65 Queen Street West, Suite 530
Toronto (ON) M5H 2M5

Telephone: 4165831684

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