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Perseus Capital Inc. was founded in 2005 by Mr. Jean Turmel after his retirement as President of Financial Markets at National Bank of Canada. Our company is an investment firm that services a limited number of investors. It manages many mandates with different customers, totaling over $100 million under management. Perseus Capital is a multi-strategy investment manager with a macro-economic approach. We invest almost exclusively in North-American equities and bonds, as well as in major currencies and in commodities.




Around 100M$ as of December 31st 2015


Global Macro

Quantitative and systematic



What makes us different is the experience and proven expertise of our team and our risk management approach. We manage with a goal of minimizing the risk of absolute losses. We believe in transparency and we only invest in liquid markets. Also, we invest with you. We believe that a true alignment of interest implies investing our own money alongside that of our customers.


Our approach is based on fundamental analysis which drives the selection of our investment themes. These are a function of our global understanding of the economic, financial and political environment. We use many instruments to carry these views, depending on the individual risk/return profiles and liquidity. Our preferred vehicles include futures contracts, swaps, cash bonds and options.

Jean Turmel


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1155 Metcalfe, 1st floor

Montréal, Québec, H3B 5G2

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