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Logos LP

Logos LP is a leading private fund focused on generating superior long-term absolute returns by applying an interdisciplinary outlook to traditional value investing. Our broad expertise allows us to cast a wide net and approach every investment with equal parts creativity and logic.






Absolute Return/Quality at a discount/Value

Logos LP utilizes a unique risk-weighted approach to portfolio construction by segregating global equities based on certain fundamental factors and special situations. Logos LP aims to find stocks that are generally under $10bn market cap for the long-term with consistently strong operating metrics that, for whatever reason, are associated with a specific catalyst, are unloved or uncovered.

Logos LP strives to generate absolute returns above systemic risk utilizing a global small-to-mid cap opportunities long focused equity strategy. Logos LP will seek to identify, through a rigorous quantitative and qualitative research process, indicators that will allow for medium to long-term investment.


1. We believe in owning good businesses for the long-term.

2. We own more of the good businesses that are priced below their intrinsic value and less of those that are priced at a premium.

3. We react wisely to changes in the share prices of the businesses we watch.


Logos LP believes that certain fundamental, macroeconomic, psychological and statistical variables guide the expected returns of global equities, and that these factors uncover hidden deep intrinsic value. Using sets of core and peripheral weighted assets allows the fund to anchor price sensitivity and risk while capturing absolute returns.


Peter Mantas. GP (CIO)
Matthew Castel, GP (Head of Strategy)

Peter Mantas


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Peter Mantas
320 Tweedsmuir Ave., 1510
Toronto (ON) M5P 2Y3

Telephone: 4165254154

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