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Lightwater Partners Ltd.

Lightwater is a Long Short Equity hedge fund Manager that focusses on Canadian mid-cap names that are uncrowded or under-followed by the market. We utilize pair trades to minimize market exposure and industry risk. We manage two funds, the Flagship Lightwater Long Short Fund and the Nimble Fund which is a more concentrated unpaired portfolio of our highest conviction investments long and short.




< $100 M


Long Short Equity

We are a hedge fund that is always hedged. We do so primarily through the use of pair trading. Our investment focus is Canadian mid-cap stocks, particularly those that are under-researched by the sell-side. We invest in publicly traded equities only. We do not invest in any resource stocks or private companies, nor do we use any derivatives.

Our objective is to earn 8%-10% regardless of market conditions. Our funds tend to perform well in flat markets and bear markets because of our fund structure.


Canada has one of the most concentrated brokerage industries in the world and one of the smallest hedge fund industries. As a result there are many opportunities to take advantage of market inefficiencies. Our investment focus is on Canadian mid-cap stocks, that are under-researched by the sell-side. We avoid crowded trades and we do not invest in any resource stocks - either long or short .


We rely on our own in-house research and build our own financial models to identify market inefficiencies. Once we have have conviction on either a long or short thesis we primarily use pair trades to reduce market and industry risk. We always have hedging in place at all times regardless of market conditions. There is a maximum of 40 stocks in the Long Short Fund and 20 in the Nimble Fund.


Jerome Hass, CFA, Portfolio Manager

Jimmy Chu, CFA, Portfolio Manager

Michael Baker, Partner

Thomas Eveson, Partner

Jerome Hass

Portfolio Manager

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Tom Eveson
[email protected]
372 Bay Street, Suite 1700
Toronto (ON) M5H 2W9

Telephone: 416 504 9767 x 104

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