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Evovest is an investment management firm that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) into its investment processes. We specialize in equities with long only and long/short strategies.




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Long Only, Long/Short Equity

Our key differentiating factor regarding AI is our ability to use properly the financial data and build an adequate architecture around it. We have a unique set of experience when it comes to create relevant financial factors to integrate within the algorithms. We have developed a methodology using a combination of asset specific data, situation specific data and asset-situation specific data.

Our investment strategies are based on the integration of artificial intelligence within our investment
processes and are highly customizable. The investment objectives of the different strategies are either
benchmark enhancing or absolute returns based and reflect risk tolerance of the clients.


Our philosophy, and key deafferenting factor, is our ability to use financial data and construct
appropriate data architectures to solve the investment conundrum with the help of artificial
intelligence. We are of the view that we should combine the human instincts and the potential of
machines into investment processes.


We can think of the investment problem as a decomposition problem, which relate to the choices of the
assets within it. Which to own and which not to own. We can decompose the choices by assets classes,
industry choices, securities selection and so own. We break down those choices and build models using
artificial intelligence to answer them and construct the portfolio.


Carl Dussault, M. Sc., CFA

Carl Dussault


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Carl Dussault
3 Place Ville Marie, Suite 400 Montreal
Montreal (QC) H3B 2E3

Telephone: 5148160895

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