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CSW Investment Services Inc.

CSW Investment Services Inc.,was registered with the BC Securities Commission on March 29, 2011 in the category of Portfolio Manager. CSW is a SEC – exempt reporting adviser in the US (files an annual updating amendment on ADV Part !A with the IARD by March 31st).




$21,000,000.00 USD Au 31 march 2016


Long/Short U.S. Equity

CSW Investment Services focuses on long and short opportunities in the universe of U.S. publicly traded companies with market capitalizations over $500 million, with a general focus on technology, financial, retail, medical and service industries. The Portfolio Manager uses a flexible quadrant of fundamental, technical, macroeconomic and sentiment analysis to identify opportunities.

CSW Investment Services Inc. seeks to generate 10%+* net compound annual growth for investor capital over the medium-term, defined as a three to five year time horizon.

* Shorter-term rates of return may vary depending on market cycles and volatility. Past performance not a guarantee of future results. See Performance Summary.


CSW Investment Services Inc. has 20 years of professional experience successfully managing hedge funds dedicated to absolute and relative outperformance in diverse market conditions.

The Investment Adviser utilizes an adaptive, qualitative strategy that allows the Fund to react efficiently to changing market conditions within companies, sectors and broader markets.


CSW Investment Services an opportunistic equity investor, actively seeking to capitalize on long and short opportunities in the broad universe of liquid, U.S. exchange-traded public companies with market capitalizations greater than $500 million, with a focus on technology, financial, retail, medical and service industries.


Stuart Walton, President, CSW Investment Services Inc.: CFA 1992

Hilaire Atlee, Manager, Trek Capital Management LLC: Series 3,7 , 30 & 65 Licenses

Stuart Walton


Contact information

Stuart Walton
[email protected]
326 – 560 Johnson Street
Victoria (BC) V8W 3C6

Telephone: (250) 590-7904
Toll Free: (888) 814-2426

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