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Constance Financial Inc.

Constance Financial Inc. is a Montréal-based investment management company registered with the AMF as an Investment Fund Manager, a Portfolio Manager and a Derivative Portfolio Manager. The company manages two investment funds in UCITS format, and differentiates itself by a management approach based on risk / return optimization through the use of listed options strategies.






Relative Value / Volatility / Market Neutral

Using discretionary and quantitative index derivative strategies, the Constance Alternative Options fund, a market-neutral fund, invests via listed options and futures on equity and volatility indices.

The Constance Alternative Options fund targets a positive annual absolute return, achieved with the lowest possible volatility.


The Fund does not seek to identify a trend or question the relevance of it, but primarily optimizes its strategies in consideration of the market and volatility levels.

Rigorous risk management combined with the use of simple options strategies contribute to an attractive risk / return ratio.


The fact that on average, and historically, options are more expensive than their inherent risk offers a particular attractiveness. The Fund captures this premium in order to optimize its hedges.

Dynamic portfolio delta adjustment and risk control are fundamental elements of the strategy.

The Fund is neither a "long volatility" nor a "short volatility" fund.


Olivier Armangau, President & Portfolio Manager
Kambiz Kazemi, MBA, CFA, Partner & Portfolio Manager
Jean-François Goyette, CFA, Associate Portfolio Manager

Olivier Armangau

President & Portfolio Manager

Contact information

Olivier Armangau
[email protected]
1010 Sherbrooke West, 18th floor
Montréal (QC) H3A 2R7

Telephone: 514 286 9838

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