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Alitis Asset Management

Alitis Investment Counsel is a Vancouver Island based boutique asset manager. Our firm was founded on the fundamental belief that that investment industry is experiencing a paradigm shift. The traditional long-only portfolio of stocks and bonds is no longer the only option available to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns. We believe in allocating a signification amount to alternative assets.




240M CAD


Alitis Mortgage Plus Fund

Utilizing a "multi-manager" approach to investment selection, this pool is designed to yield higher returns than traditional fixed income investments. This innovative portfolio combines the stability of private mortgage-based investments with the liquidity of publicly-traded mortgage investment corporations (MICs) and other asset-backed investments.

The target return is 6% to 7%, net of fees in all market cycles. The Plus in the Fund is the flexibility to include income-paying equity investments. The Pool will consist primarily of mortgage based investments, but when financial markets present great opportunities, Alitis may tactically allocate up to 25% of the Pool to these under-valued assets.

Alitis Private REIT

Diversified portfolio of professionally selected and managed private real estate. Actively managed, with the ability to opportunistically buy under-valued real estate. In-depth manager due-diligence and monitoring by Alitis’ Portfolio Managers.

The Alitis Private REIT is designed to offer investors access to high quality private real estate in one well-diversified, Multi-Manager solution. The objective of this portfolio is to generate a moderate level of income plus capital appreciation over the long-term. The target return is 7 - 10%, net of fees, over a 5 - 7 year hold period.


Our approach is based upon controlling risk and enhancing longer-term returns through the use of a broad range of traditional and alternative asset classes. It is our view that the majority of a portfolio’s risk and return can be determined by the asset classes and a significant portion of our effort is spent on their analysis. Our carve-out solutions are largely private investments.


We believe that traditional portfolios made up of stocks & bonds will likely have difficulty performing well in the coming years. To address these challenges we designed and launched a number of investment solutions that utilize a much wider variety of asset classes and investment approaches resulting in a significant level of diversification.


Cecil Baldry-White, CEO & President
Aileen Collings, Executive Vice President
Kevin Kirkwood, Chief Investment Officer
Stacey Blyth, Chief Compliance Officer
Mitchell Prothman, Senior Portfolio Manager & Chief Trader
Todd Blaseckie, Portfolio Manager
Emily Hoffman, Associate Portfolio Manager
Aaron Robertson, Associate Portfolio Manager
Daniel Fanizza, Associate Portfolio Manager

Aaron Robertson

Associate Portfolio Manager

Contact information

Aaron Robertson
909 Island Highway
Campbell River (BC) V9W2C2

Telephone: 2502874933
Toll Free: 1.800.667.2554

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