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AGinvest Properties Canada Inc.

INVESTING FOR GROWTH IN ONTARIO FARMLANDS AGinvest acquires and manages Ontario farmland and is also a provider of financing for farmers in the region. We invest only in high quality farm properties, primarily in Southwestern Ontario, where we find the best combination of soil and water quality, crop variety and productivity, and access to markets.






Investing in Prime Ontario Farmland

Purchase of premium farmland properties in Ontario for investment purposes, for capital expenditures made to increase the future market value of the land, and for working capital to farm and oversee the maintenance of the land.

Investing in for future gains
As an investment asset class, Ontario farmland yields competitive returns with less volatility than common stocks and corporate bonds. Farmland, including annual & permanent crops, has delivered an annual total return of over 11% over the last 15 years and over 10% since 1950.


Investing to enhance farmland value
Improving and protecting the productivity of a farm is essential for long-term sustainability and value. Hence this is the cornerstone of our farmland strategy using proven farming optimization tactics.


Investing in for future gains
Ontario farmland has historically provided respectable returns with less volatility than the S&P500 and other widely followed indexes. As of December 2016, Ontario farmland has delivered an annual total return of 10.8% over a 25 year period.


AGinvest founders come from a farm background. Our company is led by people who have spent a lifetime working on and servicing Ontario farms. Our local knowledge and a sharp focus gives us a strong advantage for achieving a better return for our investors, more responsive service to farm families and more productive partnerships with farm operators.

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